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Acai is a Brazilian berry indigenous to the Amazon Region, considered to be one of nature's most complete and healthy foods. The Acai berry is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and protein. Some of the health benefits associated with the Acai berry are: increase in sustained energy, help with healthy cholesterol management, improvement of digestive system and strengthening immune system.Oprah's website described Acai as "one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world...", while the book, The Perricone Promise, calls it the "nature's perfect energy fruit." ( and

Açaí, is also known as super berry or power berry (in the Amazon they call it "Viagra da Amazonia") due to the amount of nutrients and fibers that constitute it.

Because of its rich content of anthocyanin pigments that give it the characteristic deep purple color, Açaí likely imparts important health benefits associated with consumption of antioxidant pigments, such as reduced risk or prevention of cancer, diabetes, chronic inflammation, heart and vascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and other types of neurodegeneration, high blood cholesterol, stroke, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, age-related visual deterioration and premature aging. Acai is constantly used topically as a strong antibacterial in Brazil. 

 (Anthocyaninins are a type of complex flavonoid that produce blue, purple or red colors. Anthocyaninins encourage connective tissue regeneration and are anti-inflammatory. They promote blood flow and reduce cholesterol, in addition to being antioxidants. Anthocyaninins seem to stabilize and protect capillaries from oxidative damage and have been shown to stabilize connective tissue, promote collagen formation, improve microcirculation and help protect blood vessels from oxidative damage.)

*The Acai Berry Boosts Immunity

The Acai berry is grown in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest in some of the richest soil on the planet. As a result, each berry is packed with the most complete naturally occurring assortment of exactly what the body needs to fight disease and increase energy. When the body has what it needs to fight off disease, the human body becomes amazingly resilient to infections both from bacterial agents, as well as viral agents.

*Why are Antioxidants so Important?

To understand the role that antioxidants play, you have to understand what free radicals are. Free radicals are molecules that reportedly damage our cellular membranes and even our DNA. Free radicals come from various pesticides, preservatives, and pollutants in the very air that we breath. If our bodies lack the fuel to fight off these free radicals, then we run the risk of our cells mutating and forming cancerous growths. Antioxidants are created by the body from various substances and are what the body uses to fight off these free radicals and strengthen cells. Antioxidants allows the body to neutralize many of these free radicals reducing the risk of many diseases, including heart disease. The body converts many vitamins and minerals into antioxidants, of these most are contained in the Acai berry.

*The Acai Berry Boosts Resistance to Diseases

Nothing is more essential to living a healthy life, than having a strong immune system. It is extremely important that we give our body nutrients that it needs to fight sickness. Diseases can cause us to age more rapidly and can lead to many more life threatening issues. Research has shown that antioxidants are vital to strengthening the body's ability to resist disease. These antioxidants play a vital role in strengthening our cellular walls and decreasing cholesterol related disease.
*The Acai Berry Increases Energy

While the immune system is perhaps the most important benefit, many people also use Acai to boost their energy levels. The failure of people to eat a diet high in antioxidants leads to drastically decreased energy levels as they grow older. Many people using Acai have reported having increased energy, stamina, and vitality comparable to when they were in their twenties. Don't only imagine the change in lifestyle you will see by simply adding Acai to your diet, experience the difference yourself by adding into your daily regimen.
*The Acai Berry and Cholesterol

The Acai berry can help maintain good (HDL) cholesterol while reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol. This is necessary to reduce the risk of fatty buildups in the arteries which can lead to heart disease. Even the FDA is starting to realize the potential that the essential fatty acids can play in decreasing heart disease. They recently began allowing manufacturers to put the following statement on their Omega-3 containing products: "Supportive but not conclusive research shows that ." In addition to the essential fatty acids, the antioxidants contained in the Acai berry, can help to reduce the risk of heart disease reportedly caused by free radicals in the body.

Acai Roots ™ is a full line of delicious and healthy acai products, formulated to exacting standards by local Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro, who were born and raised on Acai. Acai Roots ™ is simply the best 100% natural Acai available anywhere, made with wildcrafted acai berries. The sustainable harvesting of acai helps protect the Amazon Forest and support local community. ( check the site listed above for recipe ideas and general information on this powerful fruit from the Amazon. Along with deep rich pigment, this berry brings with it the energetic imprints of the Amazon jungle where as we know...millions of species of plants, flowers, insects and animals thrive. The vibration within this fruit is truly something to behold and may be used as a substitute for caffeine when one is trying to limit their coffee/'energy' drink intake. I will soon have Acai available in various forms so do keep in tune with the Sun Spot. Thanks--Dsunn

Boosts energy levels
Improves digestive function
Improves mental clarity/focusPromotes sound sleepProvides vital vitamins
Contains important minerals
Extremely powerful free radical fighter
Acai has high levels of fibers
Cleanses and Detoxifies the body of infectious toxins
Strengthens your immune system
Enhances sexual desire and performanceFights cancerous cells
Slows down the aging process
Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
*Alleviates diabetes
Normalizes and regulates cholesterol levelsHelps maintain healthy heart function
Minimizes inflammation
Improves circulation
Prevents artherosclerosis
Enhances visual acuity


tmolinar said...

when traveling up the amazon i had diarrea for four days from drinking unfiltered amazon river water. I thought I would dehydrate until I got back into the city and got antibiotics to kill whatever parasite I had injested. On the side of the river a family gave me acai as a smoothie, and instantly it cured me. Acai is the truth.

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