Sunday, August 17, 2008

What is the Sun Spot?

The genesis of this blogspot begins right here. 

The goal and purpose of this blog is to introduce foods, herbs and healing tools for the masses of people in need of some pain relief, well being and better life expression.

It is not in my power to heal or shoulder the responsibility of healing for other people.

I do voluntarily accept the role that entails communicating the options available and offering products and/or information that can be of great use to the people.

I am committed to detailing new innovations and seemingly new natural products that can be purchased at my virtual 'Feel Good Center' or my local healing shop called 'The Sun Spot LA'.(under construction)

I invite you all to ask questions, to challenge reports and to request topics or maladies that you wish to be addressed.

As we know there is nothing new under the sun, and I with you, would like to explore what is underneath this sun with a goal of extracting the answers to all of our questions concerning the optimal health of our minds, bodies and yes.....our Souls.  

Peace, love and the light of our Sun. 

May it shine on you, through you and reach all who come into contact with you today and everyday.