Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cane Sugar Grass...Get Green.

Sugarcane is a form of grass that belongs to Poaceae family. It is native to the regions of the Old World, ranging from warm temperate ones to tropical ones. Sugarcanes have a stout, jointed and fibrous stalk, which can measure 2 to 6 meters in height. They are rich in sugar and today, are being grown in over 200 countries of the world. In 2005, Brazil was the largest producer of sugarcane in the world, followed by India. Apart from being the source of sugar, sugarcanes are also consumed in the raw form. The health and nutrition benefits that result from eating sugarcane, in the raw form, have been listed below.

Health & Nutrition Benefits of Eating Sugarcanes

Sugarcane, being low on glycemic index, helps keep the body fit and healthy.

Sugarcane juice has been found to be very beneficial for preventing as well as treating sore throat, cold and flu.

Since sugarcane has no simple sugars, it can be enjoyed by diabetics without any fear.

Being alkaline in nature, sugarcane juice helps the body in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.

Since sugarcane is rich in carbohydrates, it can help the body feel invigorated and revitalized quickly.

If you have been exposed to heat and physical activity for too long, drink sugarcane juice. It will help hydrate the body quickly.

Sugarcane is believed to strengthen stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.

Sugarcane juice is an excellent substitute for aerated drinks and cola.

Sugarcane clears the urinary flow and also helps the kidney to perform its functions smoothly.

Sugarcane juice has been found to be good for those who are suffering from febrile disorders.

Sugarcane is beneficial for micturation, caused due to high acidity, genorrhoea, enlarged prostate, cyctitis and nepthritis.

Sugarcane juice is said to speed up the recovery process after jaundice.

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SugarCaneGrass Photo courtesy of Cairns Unlimited, the ultimate travel website for Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and Tropical North Queensland.


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