Thursday, October 2, 2008

Octobe Interlude: Sponsored by Pumpkin Pi

Peace Peoples Worldwide Massive.
Be Strong. This season will call for many of us to face circumstances that could not have been prepared for. We are asked to sync with the season and let go of what no longer serves us, and what we no longer serve. Harvest time is great for reformation, dropping old habits and beginning new patterns. In TCM, this season is ruled by the metal element of lungs and large intestines. Refrain from excess smoke that may dry the lungs,colon and trap grief. Intake juicy squashes,melons, peach, pear, walnut and ginger. Deep breathing and early rising should benefit your lungs as well as regular bowel movements. Yes the lungs are mirrored in our skin. Shine thoroughly.

we went through these three distinct colors as an introduction to the Global Feel Good Initiative.   Have you tried them yet?

Purple, a color reserved for royalty, commonly connotes the crown chakra and crown royal for those frequenters of the nightlife. It also signifies the blood flow-substance. Particularly when the blood is thickened and oxygen rich, in contrast to when it is perhaps stagnant and too enriched and viscous.

Amethyst is the earthy purple radiant material, a rock,  that is known to promote sobriety and higher mind. Here is where hue can clue us into transcendent properties of the color spectrum.

Purposefully infusing the purple ray into our Global Feel Good Initiative, we have harnessed the transmutative violet flame acclaimed in popular new age writings as that bequeathed into public knowledge by the one st. germain. look into it if you will.
The transmutative flame of the violet ray is said to be available for our use to eliminate negative karma or generally purify our beings and the various connections we accrue during our daily charade of activities.
 The purple sheen of rich dark african skin also encapsulates this ray of light, as does the black rice of the Far East that actually is more of a dark purple than it is 'black'.
What is black? Is it purple in the absence of a light that can illumine its violet tint?

What else can you relate purple to in the human, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms?

My purpose here is to engage the global members of this streamline consciousness 'blog' to the transcendental subtle qualities of the foods being introduced. This will be an unconventional, unorthodox journey. I ask you all to bring smiles with you and an eager countenance to either prove or disprove what is being presented to your highest conscious faculties.

without further elucidation i'll just tell you like this
 gold is the sun. 
what does that mean?

green is the vitality of a clean heart.
whats a clean heart?

there is so much to discuss in terms of arteries, vessels, ailementary canal, lower gut pro-biotics, good vs bad cholesterol, lung capacity, emulsification of oils, nervous system integrity, joint flexibility ad infinitum-1.  I'll endeavor to keep it short, sweet and simple without sacrificing the pertinent information.

when you see a tree.... when you sip some tea.... when you eat a leaf, or drink a juice. 
take the green in.
 reacquaint with the benevolent one, generous green. 
erase the repulsion from this color demonized by jealousy and envy. 
purge with green. then shine with green.

the sun, learn to consume it collect it become it inhabit it saddle it marvel it and its cyclical command.

find your solar plexus. someplace on your own body 
and you only know your own body as well as you do.  tru?
 no ways around that. 
where is your soul? who's asking? who's answering?
 who's knowing? who's the who?
only you, get to the bottom of it.

the gold is in you, feed it nurture it build on it harness it yield to it accept it receive it. 
the gut, the morale, the i am.

the green surrounds you, its how you breathe liquids and drink sunrays.
it is absorbed from atop and enmeshed within your membraneous tissues.
Magnify this excited microscopic living energy by allowing it entry into your body.
 its our planet.
 green or greed.
 go green.
the liver and blood....the substance and flow.

and purple...the late sunset airbrushed sky off the western seaboard.
 the purple is a rare ray of light to see in the natural world unless you delve into the flower king-queendom.
lavender sprinkled calms the senses eases the spirit tranquil the steadfast.
 the head, the heavens.


its really as simple as that.
How i learned my 123's and abc's

Experiment #1:
Mission is to have Acai, Bee Pollen and a Raw,preferably wildcrafted or organic,green food product(Sugarcane).
every day, one of each item for one 7 day week. Any noticeable realization concerning the nature of these natural food products will be noted before we carry on with the next few food/herbs/products. My mission in this experiment is to activate my crown chakra with the purple ray, open my heart to our Mother Nature with the green ray and to access the birthright of my divine free will through the energies of the gold ray. 

Pretty intangible to some but in actuality with these three colors we are activating physical systems in the body that give rise to the finer sensitivities often referred to in world spiritual literature and 'mystical' teachings. I have set the focus for this blog to explore the mystical and exotic, through the seed-bearing fruits and plants of our planet. With proper supplementation of the foods mentioned here, I intend to provide methods that can halt the more invasive means of resetting balance in the body. Too often we wait until the degeneration process is advanced and multi-layered before we engage in forms of defense or cleansing. As the different foods are introduced, I will provide the topography or a map photo of the region where the particular food is grown and harvested. Along with that a key color will be examined so that we can each internalize what the color is conveying to us..........regardless of what a scientific lab says is an antioxidant, vitamin c..b or etc. This blog is for education, experiementation and innovation. Please contribute to make it better for all who come after you. 
So we begin with nourishing the blood with Acai, a special fruit that has a significant amount of oils found in its composition(see acai post for more on this). To nourish....a rather vague term. We'll explore that at a later time. 
The sugar cane juice is challenging to have every day since its so delicious, one could easily drink their whole supply in one sitting. I'll just keep some frozen so it can be rationed out through the week. With this cane grass we are alkalizing the body and providing a soothing tonic for the kidneys and bladder. Heat is removed, urinary blockages and irritations are eased.  
The bees pollen has been good to me. I'm utilizing it to boost my self resilience to stress and specifically to address my nutritional needs while working hard and drinking alot of water. Bee pollen packs a punch. It's a great reminder that a massive amount does not always mean better for you. We can also respect that it takes alot of work to make such a small amount of food. Bee Pollen is truly to be cherished. 
Anyways since this isnt a fast where i'm only eating these three foods and nothing else, don't expect any wild revelations. just straight plain communication about how these colorful substances, superfoods, feel in my body,mind,soul.
Elections plunge our abounding idealistic thoughts into a deep head first dive cascading toward subterranean waters when nov4 hits. My fortune for the cookie is to float like a pelican, swoop low, spread wings wide for balance and maximum glide

.peace for now 

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