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PurpGoldGreen-Recipe and In Depth Study


acai berry juice/pwd  (Violet)
ginger juice                  (Gold)
key lime juice              (Green)
cane grass juice           (Green/Brown)  

Additnl Options: 

Cayenne Pepper and/or
African Bird Pepper   (Red)

Bee Pollen                   (Gold)

Purple Corn Juice      (Violet)

:::It may look very simple, as does a quiet stream. but look again.
:::Don't sleep on the intricacy of detail found in universal creation.

is it a cure all?

The question is inherently flawed. For 'it' to be a cure all.
'it' would be omnipotent or all-powerful.
If 'it' is a cure all, you would find that there is nothing 'it' can't cure.

A fruit, a plant is commonly known to be a created organism.

If 'it' is a creation, 'it' has spawned thru something we can call a creator.
(many ifs signify there is math going on)

If we bypass the law of the pages, and detour directly to the trees what do we find?.
We can read that there is energy flowing from the environs.
This includes soil(a topic in itself), air, sunlight and other energies higher in vibration than our present means of recognized measurement(aside from scientific masterminds and shamans alike).
The tree as an organism in the environment is rooted into the soil interacting with minerals, other nutrients and most importantly water. The leaves and branches extend toward the sky assimulating sunlight, moisture and air in their own unique relationship with the surroundings. The tree is visibly rooted, this can be agreed upon. The tree is somewhat of a conduit, once you can comprehend what is moving through it.

If 'it' is a cure all. The omnipotent force that creates 'it' is flowing thru the soil thru the air thru the sun thru the organism. 'It' is being composed into a individualized organism,a fruit... in this case the manufacturing unit is named a tree. If we now eat the fruit, that has been composed thru the various rays of energy in the surrounding environment meeting the seeds unique signature(as a specific genus of plant and species) while enveloped in fertile soil, allowing 'it' to assist us in returning to a balanced placement of health or raising us to an optimal level of function. We then proclaim of 'its' healing abilities.  

To sum this example up.
'It' cures all because 'It' is all powerful all present all knowing/known.
The ability for an individualized unit(i.e one healing food) to fulfill all imbalancement is rare but yes, it is possible.
In the case you discover your personal cure all, staple it to your daily intake.

What I have learned from the Chinese masters of herbal compounding is that we must look at the individual as a whole. If we bring massive energy to the purple sphere without rooting it somehow with perhaps black brown red or orange, we may see spacey-ness, floaty behavior and ungrounded imbalanced actions. We have created more imbalance albeit with good intentions.
Therefore this formula has been composed with your light bodys wholeness in mind.

I know.. i know you're like light body? what light body?
i wont go into it now, but we will have to define light before delving into the light body.
 so pause.

Recipe Dosages:

Use heavy dosages of purple to activate the crown region. In my minds eye of our light bodies, this intake of violet organic living material will create somewhat of a funnel above the head. Opening you up to intangible cosmic energy.....maybe sparking some innate cognitive abilities.  Its ACAI, it activates you. This ingredient should be the Queen or King of the Drink. The V.I.P.

*Great for the morning.  Acai can be used as a base for granola cereal too. Just add organic apple juice diluted with water or hemp milk, maybe a fig banana or diced longan and goji fruit. long lasting energy and higher mental function. try it you'll see.

::See Rebbe Dr.Gabriel Cousens:Rainbow Diet and Dr Jewel Pookrums Vitamins and Minerals A-Z, both books available on the www::

The radiant color of Gold will anchor the light of the sun into the body and uplift one with the lightness of flower petals. perhaps. is Gold and God spelled..described so similar in spelling for some reason?
We're using Ginger here and or Bee Pollen. Sprinkle in the pollen or use a small 1- 2ounces per cup of ginger juice. The ginger is a great invigorator, once worth its weight in gold along with turmeric. Ginger helps open the pores to release heat(makes you sweat johnny) and it also harmonizes the stomach in the case that these fruits are too cold or foreign for your systems immediate acceptance. Ginger has tons of health benefits, great for achy body pains due to its inflammatory properties(Ginger will get its own post). 
Bee pollen, full of great nutrients and harvested by a wondrous little insect that migrates to and fro the beautiful flowers of or eco-sphere. Plenty of B vitamins are inherent in Bee pollen (now how about that Bzzzzz) which are used daily in our lives; lives complete with the numerous stressors of the modern world, excess consumption of alcohol and just the regular days work. The imbuement of this golden ray of color is symbolic of the sun and it should bring immediate vitality to your system in concert with the other colors/nutrients. The Solar Plexus is a very important region, usually seen as a Gold light center. Gold also represents the EARTH element in chinese medicine theory.

The green will root us sturdily like the green grasses and trees planted deep in the soil...and yes just like sugar cane. 
Cane does not contain the energy of a plant grown deep in the sea.  It contains the energy of tropical vibrations, rising erect toward the blazing sun like an evolved human beings spinal cord. Its joints tell of incremental growth. Its presence in history pre-dates the majority of our planets written history. Its place in nearly everyone on earths life, day in and day out is unmatched by any other substance besides water. yet when we dry the juice...its brown sugar. There lays the soil and grass color coding. Green/Brown
'Sweetheart' is also the color for the thymus gland heart chakra(usually depicted as both  green and pink).
The key lime can be dosed equal with the ginger or less. water is always a great dilute to extend the juice also.
 In Chinese medicine the sweet flavor is associated with the spleen pancreas stomach sphere of activity ,and its channel pathway internally and externally. In the old times of chinese medicine before communism, there was a system of thought known as the 'Earth School' . In the context of TCM theory, the spleen system is responsible for formulating the blood. This blood is then stored by the Liver. 
(The Treatise on the Spleen and Stomach: A Translation of the Pi Wei Lun)

The spleen and stomach are classified as interdependent earth element organ systems. The philosophy of the earth school was one of four major movements in classical chinese medicine.( Its emphasis on the earth being the central hub around which the remaining 4 elements revolve still to this day holds ground in modern TCM. By utlizing the most superior form of sweet nourishment, that being from a grass that grows in a tropical climate, we access the properties that can moisten tissues and skin, cool pent up internal heat and drain excess dampness accumulating in the body by increasing urinary outflow.

we can go further and further, 
The idea is to inform you so that your own experiements have a basis and a foundation point.
Someone told me the other day.....'i have lime and ginger every day, it doesnt do any detox or anything'.
Oddly, this woman above the age of 60 surely was looking very vibrant and young for her age. She is benefitting her body greatly altho her doses of goodness can be multiplied to increase her well being even more.
We got your crown, heart, solar plexus and root covered in this therapeutically colorful formula.

Cheers to you.

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